SWEPCO 202 MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube

SWEPCO 202 MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube

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SWEPCO 202 MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is a high performance gear oil formulated to deliver unsurpassed, all-weather performance. Whether the application calls for protection of heavy over the road trucking or automobiles, SWEPCO Syntheon synthetic base stock, Moly advanced EP additive and proprietary Lubium II chemistry insure extended drain protection from wear, foaming, overheating, deposits, rust and water contamination. If you want to insure maximum performance, smoother shifting and longer gear box life, choose SWEPCO 202 MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube.


  • Extended life, all weather protection for over-the-road truck and automobile manual transmissions, transaxles and differentials requiring API 75w90 service;
  • Insures full film lubrication without channeling in cold weather start up conditions;
  • Syntheon synthetic base stock blend & Lubium II insure proper viscosity over a wide temperature range
  • MolyXP plates gears to protect against friction & wear;
  • Excedes performance requirements of Mack Trucks, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Porsche and all of the other OEM 75w90 specifications.

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ISO 32-220


SAE 75W-90


1 US Gallon (3,785 liter), Bin (930 kg./1020 liter), Case of 6 U.S. Gallon (3.785 liter), Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Grease Cartridge (0.409 kg), Keg (54 kg./60 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

Feature Benefit
SyntheonTM Synthetic Base Stock Blends
  • Gives you a more uniform viscosity over a wide temperature range;
  • Helps improve thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation;
  • Better low temperature flow characteristics help reduce start-up wear;
  • Extends service life.
  • Adds a protective film on moving parts that dramatically reduces friction & wear.
  • Enhances oxidation and corrosion resistance.
Multi-Purpose Formulation
  • Insures full film lubrication without channeling on start-up in cold temperatures;
  • Lower fuel/energy consumption during equipment warm up;
  • Full SAE 90 viscosity at operating temperature.
Oxidation Inhibitor
  • Reduces oil thickening Oxidation Inhibitor;
  • Helps prevent sludge, varnish and carbon deposits that result from oxidation.
Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Builds a chemical bond with the surface to keep moisture and acids from penetrating and attacking surfaces.
Anti-Foam Additive
  • Can lower oil temperatures by 25 - 50°F by dispersing foam, releasing trapped heat.
Oiliness Additive
  • Enables the oil to penetrate the surface for better lubrication.
Anti-Wear Additive
  • Helps prevent metal to metal contact, friction and wear.
Extreme Pressure Additive
  • Increases film strength of the oil giving it the ability to withstand extreme pressures without harming yellow metals.
Demulsifier Additive
  • Promotes rapid water separation and easy water drain off after shut down
Pour Point Depressant Additive
  • Gives the oil better low temperature flow characteristics;
  • Helps to reduce low temperature start-up wear
Viscosity Index Improver Additive
  • Less high temperature thinning and low temperature thickening
Limited Slip Differential Additive
  • Insures proper frictional characteristics to eliminate chatter, shudder
Saves Energy
  • Increased “oiliness” provides friction reducing film on vital metal parts to improve fuel economy.
Long Life •
  • Drain cycles 2-3 times longer than conventional oils;
  • Reduce waste oil.
LabTecSM  Fluid Analysis Program
  •  Maximizes equipment and lubricant life and pinpoints impending problems.
  • Longer lifetime, regardless temperature;
  • Protection for trucks and cars with manual transmissions , transaxles and differentials requiring API 75W90 ;;
  • Ensures full film lubrication without "channeling" in cold weather start-up conditions ;;
  • Syntheon ™ synthetic base oil blend and Lubium® II insure proper viscosity over a wide temperature range;
  • MolyXP places a protective barrier against friction and wear, only where necessary!;
  • Improves fuel economy;
  • Control against foaming; lowers operating temperatures;
  • Prolongs oil life two or three times or even more;
  • Control of deposits , varnish, corrosion , sludge, rust;
  • Exceeds the performance requirements of Mack Trucks , Ford, Chrysler , GM, Porsche and other OEM specifications 75W90.
  • Heavy Construction;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Mining;
  • Automotive.
  • Industrial gearboxes;;
  • Standard transmissions;;
  • Differentials.

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