SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil

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SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil

  • Helps insure optimum performance from SWEPCO Lubricants
  • Recommended for flushing compressors, transmissions, hydraulic systems, gear boxes, differentials, final drives and engines

SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil is a light mineral oil especially formulated for purging oil systems before switching to a SWEPCO High Performance Lubricant.

Use of SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil helps insure optimum performance from any SWEPCO Compressor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, Industrial Oil, Gear Oil or Engine Oil.

Simply draining old lubricants does not entirely remove the old lubricant from the system. Intricate oil passages, reservoirs, fluid lines, cylinders, accumulators, pumps, separators, coolers and other oil system components can retain residual oil that can contaminate new SWEPCO Lubricants.

A brief flushing cycle with SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil insures more complete elimination of old lubricants from the entire system. This is especially critical in compressor changeovers. It also removes loose deposits so they will not have a negative effect on compressor efficiency or operation.

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Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

  • During the first few weeks of operation, particular attention should be paid to filters, inlet screens, operating temperatures and general performance characteristics.
  • Sludge and other deposits that have been loosened during the changeover procedure and initial use of SWEPCO Lubricants may continue to clog filters and inlets for a period of time. Such blockages can cause lubricant starvation, noisy operation, elevated operating temperatures and other operational problems.
  • Filters, air/oil separators and inlet screens should be replaced or cleaned as often as needed during this period to restore the unit to maximum operating efficiency.
  • The new oil to be used will be able to perform at their best;
  • No adverse effects of any remaining old oil;
  • Clearance of loose deposits;
  • Increase future operational certainty.
  • Industrial Equipment;
  • Manufacturing.
  • ALL rotary and reciprocating compressor changeovers;
  • Any component that has been run on a synthetic oil;
  • Any component with high mileage, high hours, that is known to be dirty or that has demonstrated performance issues.

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