SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease

SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease

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SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease is a premium quality, multi-purpose grease designed for use in a wide range of severe service applications. Its tough, fibrous consistency, high shock resistance, high film strength and naturally high affinity for metal means it “stays put” under the most demanding conditions, assuring consistent, uniform lubrication.

SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease shows superior water resistance, temperature and chemical stability and corrosion protection provide a wider margin of safety when expensive, heavy-duty equipment must be operated in severe service.

For some examples of SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease click this link to read the case studies of Jansma Wegen En Milieu B.V. DrachtenOdfjell Well Services Coevorden and Garage Trias Heemstede.

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Case of 10 grease cartridges, Case of 30 grease cartridges, Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Keg (54 kg./60 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

  • High film strength, tough, fibrous consistency
  • High resistance to fresh and salt water, dust, grit and acids
  • High temperature performance up to 375°F (190°C)
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors, oxidation protection
  • Contains SWEPCO's proprietary anti-friction and anti-wear additive, LUBIUM
  • High alkaline reserve
  • USDA approved for use in closed systems
  • Excellent performance under the most adverse shock and pounding conditions;
  • Fibrous structure builds a dust shield;
  • Helps neutralize acidic mixtures and other corrosive materials;
  • Reduced grease consumption;
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Agricultural;
  • Heavy Construction;
  • Industrial Equipment;
  • Mining.
  • Bucket pins;
  • Chemical processing equipment;
  • WWTP aerators, pumps, valves.

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