SWEPCO 706 AW/EP Gear & Bearing Oil

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SWEPCO 706 AW/EP Gear & Bearing Oil is a premium quality, extended service industrial oil formulated to provide superior performance in a wide range of plant, mobile and marine applications.

SWEPCO 706 AW/EP Gear & Bearing Oil provides outstanding service in all types of oil delivery configurations, including sump, mist, drip and circulating systems. It is particularly well suited for automatic lubricators and centralized lubrication systems which help plant maintenance personnel obtain the longest life and least lubricant consumption.

SWEPCO 706 AW/EP Gear & Bearing Oil is for example, commonly used as a slideway oil, resulting in much less lubricant consumption and a much better and more accurate end result of the products made.

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ISO 100, ISO 220, ISO 32, ISO 68, SO 46


SAE 10, SAE 15, SAE 20, SAE 30, SAE 50


Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

• High VI Parrafinic Base Stock
• Oxidation Inhibitor
• Special Dispersants and Detergents
• Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
• Anti-Foam Additive
• Oiliness Additive
• Anti-Wear Inhibitor

• Gives a more uniform viscosity over a wide temperature range
• Improves resistance to high temperature oxidation
• Superior thermal stability prevents “varnish” deposits on bearings and gearing
• Better low temperature flow characteristics to help reduce start-up wear
• Reduces oil thickening and degredation
• Helps prevent sludge, varnish and carbon deposits that result from oxidation
• Keeps impurities harmlessly suspended in fluid and helps clean gum and other harmful deposits
• Bonds to metal surfaces to keep moisture and acids from penetrating and attacking
• Can lower operating temperatures by dispersing foam and releasing trapped heat
• Controls fluid level and minimizes loss through vent tube
• Enables the oil to penetrate the surface for better lubrication
• Helps prevent metal-to-metal contact and insures longer gear & bearing life
• Improves film strength of the oil giving it the ability to withstand extreme pressures
• Reduces gear teeth wear
• Increases load carrying capacity
• Superior copper corrosion protection and yellow metal compatibility
• Superior low temperature fluidity and reduced start-up wear
• Prevents shrinkage of seals, elastomers, gaskets eliminating leakage and loss of fluid
• Reduces potential maintenance expense of seal replacement
• Lengthens drain cycles and reduces maintenance labor and waste oil disposal costs

• Industrial Equipment
• Marine

• Gear Boxes & Reducers
• Journal & Anti-Friction Bearings
• Geared Couplings
• Blowers
• Slideways
• Pumps
• Air Line Oilers
• Conveyors
• Oil Cups
• Drive Chains
• Mixers & Agitators
• Presses & Extruders
• Dryers

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