SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver Winter

SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver Winter

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SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver is a highly effective multifunction diesel fuel improver that improves the combustion characteristics of today’s low quality diesel fuels and prevents formation of sludge, varnish and gum deposits which slowly rob diesel engines of performance. powerful-cetane-booster

SWEPCO 501’’s unique formulation delivers quicker, cleaner, more complete combustion by increasing cetane numbers of today’s fuels. At the same time it fights the most common problems associated with ultra low sulfur diesel & bio-diesel fuel . . . injector fouling, sludging, oxidation, corrosion, icing and component wear.

The result is cleaner engines and fuel systems, longer injector and injector pump life, better performance, lower emission levels, lower maintenance costs and improved fuel economy.


SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver is a highly effective multi-function diesel fuel additive. Besides improving lubricity and controlling combustion deposits, it increases the cetane number of any diesel or bio-diesel fuel. Increased cetane numbers result in improved combustion, lower emission levels and better cold weather operability. A special Winter Formula also provides protection from cold weather diesel fuel gelling problems.


  • Peugeot DW10 Power Loss – None; complete restoration of power lost due to fouling
  • Peugeot XUD9 Nozzle Coking – 100% Residual Flow
  • Cummins L-10 Injector Depositing – Superior Rating (CRC 9.1 of 100 & Flow Loss < 5%)
  • ASTM D6078 BOCLE Wear – >26% Load Increase
  • ASTM D2274 Fuel Stability – >80% Reduction in Fuel Insolubles & No Change In Fuel Color
  • NACE Rust – No Corrosion Compared to 50-75% For Untreated Base Fuel
  • ASTM D1094 Water Tolerance – 50-65% Improvement Over Untreated Fuel
  • Anti-Foam Shake – >20% Reduction in Foam
  • Exhaust Opacity – Up To 42% Reduction
  • FTP Emissions (% Reduction) – Hydrocarbons >24%; Carbon Monoxide >15%; Particulates >1%

For the standard / summer version look at SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver Summer.

For gasoline engines please refer to SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver.

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Case of 16 bottles, 355 ml per bottle, Case of 8 US Quarts, 947 ml per bottle, Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Keg (54 kg./60 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

  • Improves fuel economy as much as 4% to 13.5% depending upon type of engine and service
  • Increases cetane number of any diesel fuel for quicker, smoother, quieter, more complete combustion
  • Protects against diesel & bio-diesel deposits & corrosion
  • Removes & prevents both conventional injector deposits & difficult internal injector deposits that foul today’s complex high pressure common rail fuel systems
  • Reduces injector & injector pump wear caused by today’s abrasive ultra low sulfur fuels by as much as 26%
  • Reduces smoking, misfiring & knocking
  • Up to 42% cleaner exhaust emissions
  • Will not harm emission control devices such as EGR, SCF, particulate traps or catalytic converters
  • Improves cold weather performance
  • Improves diesel fuel stability and color in storage
  • Improves cold weather performance...lowers cold start temperatures & reduces warm-up time;
  • Reduces smoking, misfiring, & knocking;
  • 355 ml. bottles mix 1:500;
  • All other packings mix 1:1.000.

Get the most out of your diesel engines & fuel . . .

SWEPCO 501 Automotive


SWEPCO 501 Commercial


performance and
fuel economy,
downtime and
emissions and
protect your
diesel fuel
systems with


  • Automotive/light truck blend available in cases of 20 twelve-ounce (355 ml) bottles.
  • Commercial blend available in 55-gallon (205 liter) drums; 6-gallon (23 liter) pails and cases of 8 quart (946 ml) bottles.

Please specify standard or winter formula when ordering.

  • Improves ignition quality of any diesel fuel;
  • Reduces regulated diesel exhaust emissions;
  • Improves fuel economy;
  • Keeps injectors clean for better fuel ignition;
  • Prolongs life of injectors and pumps;
  • Easier starting;
  • Improves storage stability;
  • Avoids bacterial growth.
  • Automotive;
  • Heavy Construction;
  • Marine;
  • Trucking.
  • All types of diesel engines;
  • Mobile construction equipment;
  • Over the road trucks;
  • Fleet operations.

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