January 2019

Looking for new Sales Agents in Europe

Looking for new Sales Agents in Europe – Industrial Sales Texas based manufacturing company looking for experienced Sales Agent and/or Business Development Specialist. Headquartered in Texas, we also have a wholly owned Subsidiary within the EU established in 1972. As the demand for our products is increasing enormously throughout the EU we are Looking for new Sales Agents in Europe, starting as new colleagues into the following European countries: Austria; Belgium (Region Wallonia) Czech Republic England; France; Germany; Italy; Luxembourg; Switzerland; With three ISO 9001 certified plants and over 85 years [...]

June 2018

Prove it to yourself…

Prove it to yourself… Your choice of lubricants does make a difference . So, if your business depends on keeping the wheels turning, you owe it to yourself and your company to try SWEPCO. Since 1933, we have been making the world’s best High Performance Lubricants. We are a.o. ISO 9001 Certified and serve demanding customers in more than 90 countries. We would like to prove the SWEPCO difference to you with a 60-day no-risk trial. You will experience … 2-3 times longer [...]

April 2018

masonry coating

SWEPCO Building Products

As of now we don’t offer you only the worldwide’s highest quality lubricants, but also SWEPCO Building Products. Protecting Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Property Since 1933 … Southwestern Petroleum Corporation is a world leader in high performance waterproofing systems and protective coatings. Since 1933 SWEPCO Building Products have been helping our Customers by providing reliable, long-term, cost-effective waterproofing solutions for roofs, floors, walls, pavement and other surfaces. We can help you too. Man against nature. It’s the timeless battle. Man builds structures and [...]

November 2016

New English website is live

Starting today, the new English website is live. Functionality has been improved, product information is easier to find and we believe everything is also simplified a lot. If you have comments and / or suggestions for improvement or if you can not find some specific information, we like to hear from you: or via the contact form. The first 20 Request for Quotation for SWEPCO Lubricants that are send to us through this website receive a 5% discount on the actual [...]

September 2016


We receive questions on a regular basis if OEM can dictate a certain brand or type of lubricant. In many cases, it is thought that this is the case, the opposite is true! Below are the top 10 questions and answers related to the purchase and use of lubricants within the European Union, composed by UEIL. INTRODUCTION “Since the Treaty of Rome, free competition in European trade has been regulated by European and national laws. National enforcement authorities, the national courts and the [...]

April 2016

Grease Gun Clear

Grease Gun Clear, Scissors or Pistol grease guns with transparent container and color coding A Clear Grease Gun is a transparent grease gun with which the grease cartridge is always visible. If you do not use a cartridge than the grease level and the color are shown when this is filled with grease from a barrel. The Grease Guns Clear will reduce the risk of cross contamination ie blending wrong and incompatible lubricants. Scissors or Pistol grease guns with transparent container and color [...]

July 2015

SWEPCO One Free With Two Offer

CODE: NS1FW2             During the month of August, New SWEPCO Lubricants Customers who buy two or more items can choose a case or pail of any other item absolutely FREE. Just mention the code above when placing your order. Please see complete rules below for SWEPCO One Free With Two Offer. Dear Maintenance Professional: We know you have many choices when it comes to the lubricants you use to protect your equipment. So we want to make it attractive for you to try SWEPCO High Performance Lubricants. [...]

April 2015

Entire Alemite program

You can contact us for the entire program of Alemite, from grease nipple to oil mist system. Alemite offers a full line of top quality lubrication products and systems, designed to improve productivity and profitability. A limited selection of commonly used Alemite products can be found on our website. If you (still) do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Through STRATSON the entire Alemite program is available, usually from stock. Particularly appreciated by our [...]

December 2014

Orders received before 24-12-2014

It is almost three years since SWEPCO has made a final price adjustment, namely on 1 January 2012. Since then, prices for raw materials, chemical additives, services and other costs continue to rise, however, we have the price all the time left unchanged. For such reasons, SWEPCO now unfortunately forced to make some adjustments to the prices per January 1, 2015. This will be done with an average of 3 to 5%, depending on the product, only a fraction of [...]

April 2014

New website

STRATSON’S NEW Website is now close to final. We do our best to have the English website live on August 1st, 2014. For now we refer you to If there is news to report about the site, we will post it here and via Social Media