Orders received before 24-12-2014

Orders received before 24-12-2014

It is almost three years since SWEPCO has made a final price adjustment, namely on 1 January 2012. Since then, prices for raw materials, chemical additives, services and other costs continue to rise, however, we have the price all the time left unchanged.

For such reasons, SWEPCO now unfortunately forced to make some adjustments to the prices per January 1, 2015. This will be done with an average of 3 to 5%, depending on the product, only a fraction of what other brands their prices have increased over the past three years.

All orders received before 24-12-2014 we can supply still guaranteed at the old prices.

To make it more attractive for you STRATSON on all these orders provide further 5% discount (not applicable regarding oil analysis program!). This discount also applies to all other products we offer (except oliefiltratie- and automatic lubrication systems). You can consider this as a Christmas present from STRATSON.

If you have questions or first to receive a free quote, we are happy to assist you. Send your request for a quotation and / or more information about specific product (s) to info@stratson.nl.

merry xmas 2014-2015

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