SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil

SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil

The SWEPCO family of high performance gear oils has a new member: SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil. This long awaited version is ready to meet or exceed your needs. For many years the usual automotive gear oil viscosity was among others: 80W90, 90, or 80W140. These oils performed well and will continue to do so for years to come.

Enter the Clean Air Act requiring the reduction of emissions from all sources. One way to reduce emissions is to improve fuel economy by reducing friction. This led to changes in fuels, fuel systems, engine oils, and now transmissions / differentials. To reduce friction in gear oils required a change in base fluids, additives, and improving low temperature properties. This new oil has low temperature properties and requirements below previous specifications.

The Product:
SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90
is a fully synthetic gear oil with a high performance automotive additive package. It has been proven that synthetic oils have lower internal friction and lower resistance to flow, making them ideal for reducing overall friction. They also provide better low temperature properties for ease of shifting at start up and on cold days. Synthetic fluids also have long drain intervals (using oil analysis!) and when properly formulated, good seal compatibility.

SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil contains Lubium® II for extended oxidative life and better yellow metal protection for critical parts. This will protect the fluid and components from high temperature operations, inhibit sludge formation, and long hauls for longer fluid life. A premium performance package is utilized for maximum gear protection, wear reduction, and superior performance. MolyXP is included in this high performance package to further reduce friction and provide a layer of Molybdenum Disulfide on the gear surface.

The name 202 was chosen to separate these unique properties from the other gear oil lines. As an added bonus, SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil also contains Limited Slip Additive for use in differentials equipped with that option.

Use SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil where this unique viscosity is called for. Most new trucks with manual transmissions require this grade both in the transmission and the differential. Many late model cars with manual transmissions also require 75W90 synthetic oils.

So how does SWEPCO 202 compare to the competition?

SWEPCO Competitors
75W90 202 Spec A B C D E
Vis at 40C cst 81.33 103 115 100 81 77.6
Vis at 100C cst 14.76 13.5 to 18.4 14.6 16.4 15.6 14.9 14.5
VI 191 150 min 146 155 150 194 195
lbs/gal 7.2 7.164 na 7.22 7.3 7.08
pour point C -45 -39 -45 -48 -48 -60
pour point F -49 -38 -49 -54 -54 -76
Brookfield at -40C cps 40,000 150,000 max na 110,000 na 35,000 na
copper corrosion 1a na na na na na
rust Pass na na na Pass na
eggbeater demo Pass Fail Fail Fail na na
water separation Pass na na na na na
Pass GL-5 Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
Pass MT-1 na Pass Pass na na
Pass SAE J2360 na Pass Pass na na
Pass Mack GO-J na na Pass na na
Pass Ford M2C-192A na na Pass na na
Pass GM 12346140 na na Pass na na
Pass Chrysler MS -8985 na na Pass na na
MeetsMeets Porsche Transaxle and Manual Transmission PassPass nana nana Factory Fill2006 997 Factory Fill2012 911

Note: na means “not available”

For more information, please checkat SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil

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SWEPCO 202 SAE 75W90 Gear Oil

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