SWEPCO 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant has been IMPROVED

SWEPCO 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant has been IMPROVED

Exepected in Europe: March 2019

Swepco 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant has been improved in several areas.

  • Swepco 722 is now NSF H-1 Registered and the label on the updated product will display the blue NSF logo. This means the 722 can be used in bakeries, food processing plants and other areas where incidental food contact may occur.
  • SWEPCO 722 is now Bio-degradable! When exposed to water and environmentally sensitive areas. After exposure it will begin to degrade and greater than 60% will be gone in 10 days and 100% in less than 28 days. This opens the ability to use 722 in saw mills, forestry, fishing, and other environmentally and food grade sensitive areas.
  • SWEPCO 722 has a lower pour point! It now pumps at -40F (-40C)! This gives the 722 a wider operating range for use in low temperature operations and northern climates.
  • SWEPCO 722 has better wear protection properties! This translates to longer chain and roller life when used as directed.

SWEPCO 722 still has a high flash point, burns off clean, and clings to metal surfaces. SWEPCO 722 is a high-performance product that will provide premium lubrication for chains, cables, and rollers in a wide variety of operations. SWEPCO 722 has performed well as a high temperature Chain and Roller lubricant in paint shops, curing operations, kilns, and other manufacturing processes.


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