SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver

SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver

SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver

Diesel fuel quality varies greatly depending upon where you are located, where it was refined, the crude source, and what additives, if any, are used. All diesel fuels must meet minimum specifications regarding cetane number, cold flow properties, wear, power rating, and detergency. In most cases, the diesel fuel barely meets the minimum requirements. There are a variety of fuel additives available on the market today. Many products treat only one or two fuel related issues such as cold weather gelling or detergency. SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver treats the fuel in nine different areas:

Cetane Booster… to increase the cetane number by one to five or more depending upon the initial value. For example, a fuel with a 40 cetane number would be raised to 41 or 42; a fuel with a 50 cetane number will go to 55 or higher depending upon the fuel. The Cetane Number is a measure of ignition quality, the higher the number the easier it is to start and provides a more complete burn.\

Detergency… to clean up deposits in the fuel injectors and fuel systems. This allows the fuel system to work as designed.

Keep clean … antioxidants help prevent the fuel from coking or degrading in the hot injectors prior to entering the cylinder.

Stability… today’s fuels degrade rapidly in storage, usually in 30 days or less, robbing power and efficiency from the engine. SWEPCO 501 extends storage stability up to one year.

Water Separation… SWEPCO 501 separates out water for easy removal. Water will rapidly degrade the fuel, promote biological infestation, corrode storage tanks, and interfere with engine operation.

Corrosion Resistance … provides protection to all metal parts and storage tanks.

Wear prevention … helps prevent wear in pumps, injectors, and other critical parts for the fuel system.

Antifoam additive … for faster filling and reduced aeration of the fuel. Also helps reduce static charge build up.

Cold Weather Operation … is available in a winter formulation (WF).

SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver is compatible with all exhaust treatment equipment on today’s engines. By helping to provide a more complete burn with less soot and blow-by, Particulate Traps last longer and the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) has less wear and clogging issues. Several users of SWEPCO 501 have indicated that their trucks use less DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) in their SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems. Most of our SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver customers report improved performance and fuel mileage. Results will vary with equipment, operating conditions, and drivers.

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