SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil

SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil

SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil

SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil is a multi-functional oil that can be used in several different applications. SWEPCO 702 is primarily formulated to work in all types of air and gas compressors.


  • Works in all types of compressors such as rotary screw, vane, piston, valve, and others.
  • Will provide over 8000 hours of use with proper maintenance and LOA.
  • Compatible with most seals, hoses, and coatings.
  • Ash-less anti-wear properties reduce scuffing and wear.
  • UV Dye for easy leak detection.
  • Versatile, it can be used in vacuum pumps and blowers.
  • SWEPCO 702 can be used as an ash-less hydraulic oil where zinc-free oils are required.
  • Separates water rapidly.
  • Wide operating temperature range.

Key items to look for when changing fluids:

  • Check to see if the filters need to be replaced
  • Flushing with SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil is always a good idea, it removes old oxidized oil that will shorten the life of the new oil.
  • Also you might consider using SWEPCO 728 In-Service System Cleaner.
  • Use Lab-Tec™ Fluid Analysis Program to maximize the life of the fluid and the equipment.
  • Check hoses and seals to make sure there are no cracks, gaps, or leaks.

Recommended use:

Air compressor are used in most of our key market in a variety of sizes and in all types of working conditions. Often an air compressor is the central source for power and control in an operation.
Compressing other gasses other than air.
Vacuum pumps and blowers.


Do not use with pure Oxygen or breathable air.

Using SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil will work to” keep it running!” Please contact us if you need any additional information. We have various case studies where customers share their experiences after having switched over to SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil.

A.o. benefits, SWEPCO 702 is a great Energy saver!


Source: SWEPCO®


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