SWEPCO 105 Hi-Impact Plus Grease

SWEPCO 105 Hi-Impact Plus Grease

SWEPCO 105 Hi-Impact Plus Grease is one of our best-selling lubricants and a proven performer. The Barium Complex thickener forms a protective barrier over the metal surface to keep out dirt, dust and abrasive contaminates. This film also prevents corrosion by repelling water and corrosive chemicals.

SWEPCO 105 has built in alkalinity reserve to resist chemical attack and neutralize acids. This feature makes it ideal for use in agriculture, wastewater handling, mining, manufacturing and many other applications.

SWEPCO is one of the few manufacturers in the world that make Barium Complex grease. Our unique formula contains Lubium™ to provide exceptional load carrying, wear and corrosion prevention, that will not pound out or wash off. SWEPCO 105 is naturally tacky without the use of polymers or tackifiers. It will stay in place and continue working in some of the worst environments.


SWEPCO 105 Hi-Impact Plus Grease has a wide operating temperature range from -20°C (-4°F) to 177°C (350°F) making it ideal for most construction, agricultural, forestry, manufacturing, and other ambient temperature applications.

It is highly recommended to purge or clean out all the old grease when switching to SWEPCO 105 as there may be compatibility issues with other greases.

SWEPCO 105 repels water and steam to protect metal parts from rust and corrosion. For applications where Moly is required or requested use SWEPCO 103, as it has all the benefits of SWEPCO 105 plus Molybdenum Disulfide.

For an example of SWEPCO 105 Hi-Impact Plus Grease, please read the case study of Odfjell Well Services on this website. Do you want to receive more/other case studies, also in other business areas, just contact us and we will send them by e-mail to you.

Are you open for a test? Use SWEPCO’s Prove it to yourself program to get convinced of the benefits it will bring you.

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