SWEPCO Food Grade Oils

SWEPCO Food Grade Oils

SWEPCO Food Grade Oils

SWEPCO Food Grade Oils

SWEPCO Food Grade Oils are used in an increasing number of locations with excellent results. SWEPCO has USDA/NFS H-1 registered and Canada Health compliant Food Grade Compressor (SWEPCO 750), Hydraulic (SWEPCO 755), and Gear (SWEPCO 757) oils available for use in food processing facilities and other applications. These are fully synthetic fluids designed for use in areas where the product may have incidental contact with food.

SWEPCO 750 Premium Food Grade Compressor Oil

SWEPCO 750 has superior anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidation and water-resistant properties. The low temperature properties… below -50F(-45C), makes it ideal for spiral freezers, air and refrigerant compressors, and vacuum pumps that operate in freezers and other low temperature conditions.

SWEPCO 755 Premium Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

SWEPCO 755 is a high-performance hydraulic oil that has a high dielectric strength for use around electrical and high-powered equipment. SWEPCO 755 has excellent low temperature properties for use inside freezers and in areas where the ambient temperature is below -40F(C). SWEPCO 755 is compatible with most seals and paints. For an example of SWEPCO 755 in an unusual application, see the Kloosterboer case study.

SWEPCO 757 Premium Food Grade Gear and Bearing Oil

SWEPCO 757 is a multifunctional fluid with a wide operating temperature range. SWEPCO 757 can be used in gear boxes, bearings, as a circulating oil, in gear reducers, couplings, open gears, sprockets, chains, and other operations where extreme pressure and anti-wear properties are required. This premium fluid is oxidatively and thermally stable for long fluid and equipment life.

Federally inspected Food and Beverage processing plants are everywhere and need lubricants the same as any other manufacturing facility. But, Food and Beverage processing facilities also have same equipment problems and SWEPCO products are the solution. These Food and Beverage processing facilities also have specialized and expensive equipment that encounter problems that need immediate attention. SWEPCO 750, 755, and 757 are ideal product solutions for the Food and Beverage industry and the equipment problems they face daily. And often not more expensive than the previously used products. More information about SWEPCO Food Grade Oils: Contact us!

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